We can offer you a full electrical service package consisting of electrical work design, installation and maintenance services in industrial sites, solar and wind power plants and everything else electrical.


The company provides various electrical solutions:

  • electricity supply – cable transmission lines with the voltage of up to 110 kV
  • transformation and distribution equipment with the voltage of up to 10 kV
  • plant relay protection and automation with the voltage of up to 10 kV
  • various lighting systems, including supply and installation of extra tall towers
  • installation of telecommunication systems

All these tasks can be carried out in residential, public, industrial, energy or other specialized structures.

Start-up and adjustment

Company offers start-up coordination, relay protection and automatic adjustment, variety of measurements and tests for the electrical equipment with the voltage of up to 10kV.


  • industrial process automation
  • Scada systems (WinCC)
  • operator panels (HMI)
  • programming of programmable logic controllers
  • frequency converters, soft-start equipment start-up


  • 10 kV relay protection and automation initialization, coordination, documentation preparation
  • electricity sector supervision
  • configuration of teleinformation collection and transmission facilities
  • electrical network analysis


We offer design solutions for electrical engineering (up to 10 kV voltage), electronic communications (telecommunications),  management and automation of processes:

  • lighting and power networks
  • 0,4-10 kV voltage distribution facilities
  • electricity connection networks for solar and wind power plants
  • lightning protection


Electrical equipment maintenance include (VERT certificates E-0208; EI-0288):

  • operation and maintenance of electricity transmission power lines with the voltage of up to 10 kV, distribution and substation equipment
  • operation and maintenance of electric receivers with the wattage of up to 2.0 MW (power and lighting equipment with the voltage of up to 10 kV)
  • operation and repair of specialized electrical equipment located at hazardous (explosion and fire) areas